25. 6. 2018, 18.15 Uhr, Johannes Paul Raether, Künstler, Berlin: Identitektur

Ort: Warburg-Haus, Hamburg

In Potentiality we call the order of beings “Identitecture”.
Identitecture is the genealogical tree of my, our and all our SelfSisters.
Identitecture records the branching of our potential lives.
It frames our names and appearances, assignments, sites and methods.
It is the diagram of how we construct our realities.
It is the evolving organigram of how we manage our identities.
Through it, we understand the process of our forking.
Through it, we partition ourselves, we produce versions of ourselves.
Through it, we manufacture yet another identity for ourselves.
Another proxy. A proxydentity.
As we develop, family becomes order, genus becomes family,
present becomes past, our future is constructed.

We are an experimentally and technorganically sprawling herd.

Johannes Paul Raether, Webpage

Bild: Johannes Paul Raether: Protekto.x.x. Absurd Alloy (, 2016. Foto von Hörður Sveinsson. Courtesy of Cycle Music and Art Festival, Kópavogur, Iceland.