28. 10. 2013, 6pm, Molecular Resonances: An Introduction to the Institute of Making, UCL, London

Venue: Institute of Making, Malet Place, UCL

Founders and directors of the Institute of Making, Mark Miodownik, Zoe Laughlin and Martin Conreen (a materials scientist, an artist/curator and a designer), will talk to Petra Lange-Berndt and Emma Richardson (History of Art with Material Studies, UCL) about the development of the Institute of Making, and the thinking behind it.

Martin, Mark and Zoe will share their experiences of the value of interdisciplinary collaboration, the ways in which it has enriched their research and teaching, and the importance of a hands-on engagement with materiality as a way of fueling the imagination and communicating across the disciplines.

The Materials Library has always been central to their activities, so they will introduce some of the curious artifacts in the Materials Library; a gathering of the most mundane but overlooked materials on an equal footing with some of the most unusual.

Now based at UCL, the Institute of Making’s Materials Library sits alongside the workshop MakeSpace where makers and researchers from all disciplines can see, touch, investigate and discuss materials and making processes, and apply the knowledge and experience they gain to their own practice.

Please join us for this collaborative event that at the same time introduces a new forum situated at the Department of History of Art called Curious Matters: This platform will investigate issues of materiality and other things for curious people. Further events will be announced soon.